The Spakers: Season 1 The Spakers: Season 1 Episode 1: Reclusive Sloth Nick is a reclusive sloth who won't leave the couch. 194953686 Episode 2: Selfie Eugene loves taking selfies. 195042350 Episode 3: Deep Dish Patricia has some bad news for the kids. 195040471 Episode 4: ICEE Eugene wants an ICEE. 195062509 Episode 5: Bean Counter Kathy realizes her existence is a waste. 195197730 Episode 6: Sewer Brother Kathy reconnects with her father. 195318629 Episode 7: Male Bonding Nick and Eugene hang out in the sewers. 195460290 Episode 8: Scandal Nick watches the most scandalous show on television. 195587600 Episode 9: Romantic Comedy Nick tells Kathy what her life would be like if it were a romantic comedy. 195715338 Episode 10: Mario Kart Nick and Eugene play a game of Mario Kart. 195865491 Episode 11: Horoscope Kathy tries to get Nick to leave the couch. 195969568 Episode 12: Spilled Milk Patricia cries over spilled milk. 196087737 Episode 13: Touching Moment The Spakers attempt to have a touching moment. 196316123 Episode 14: Al's Barber Shop Nick gets his head mostly shaved at Al's Barber Shop. 196610203 Episode 15: Lupus Nick gets a healthy dosage of, I mean a healthy dosage of chemo... 196697919 Episode 16: A Very Selfie Christmas Merry Christmas from the Spakers! 196798181 Episode 17: Hanukkah Sweaters Happy Hanukkah/Chanukka from the Spakers! 196881867 Episode 18: Reality Kathy tries to comfort Nick. 198588259